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Residential Hardscape Design

Outdoor living areas, according to the American Institute for Architects, are the fastest growing home improvement category because they provide up to 100% return on investement.

Recently, more and more homeowners are electing to make home improvements to protect their homes’ values. Adding on to the existing home tends to be costly And because of the cost per square foot and increase in property tax, additions are not always the most cost effective way to add value to their home. Creating an outdoor living area and hardscape is becoming the preferred option.

Cut-Rite Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping offers a wide range of decorative stone and concrete products installed with excellent workmanship. The designs we provide offers fresh new approaches to make your outdoor living spaces long lasting and esthetically pleasing.

What is hardscaping?

Hardscaping is using natural and man-made materials to design a desired effect in a yard or garden. Perhaps the most common one is building a patio. Creating a living space outdoors offers the opportunity to enjoy such activities as eating, cooking or simply relaxing in a comfortable environment.

Cut-Rite Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping provides a wide variety of hardscaping services. These include:

  • Patios: We can use several different materials such as stone pavers which are made from various natural stone or brick pavers with various designs. We also offer stamped concrete which provides the look of pavers but not the price tag.
  • Driveways: Because of the composition of our concrete pavers and our stone pavers, they are able to stand up to being used as a driveway.
  • Walkways: A wide variety of materials can be used to provide either a modern look using brick or a cobblestone look using stone.

If you are interested in turning your yard into an outdoor living space where you can entertain friends and family or simply creating your own personal outdoor retreat, you can trust Cut-Rite to help create an outdoor living space that meets your needs.

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