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Privacy, Protection, Curb Appeal Fencing

Fencing is used to fulfill a variety of needs, whether it is for privacy, protection, or just to enhance the appearance of your home. At Cut-Rite we ensure that we deliver each of these and more at a reasonable cost as we are commited to bringing the best products and workmanship to every project we do.

Installing a fence on your property adds value in several different areas. In addition to beauty and privacy, fencing is also adding value by defining the boundaries of your property and helping to create a safer environment for your family and pets.

Fencing comes in a variety of purposes and styles. the stylistic considerations and the practical concerns can seem at odds at times. However at Cut-Rite we can help provide a unified solution between form and function. These include:

  • Wood Fences: Wood is relatively inexpensive and extremely versatile material that lends itself to different shapes and styles. It is capable of keeping out noise and onlookers and at the same time keeping your family and your pets safe on the inside. Some of the different types of wood fencing we provide is:
    Pressure treated
    Post and rail
  • PVC/Vinyl Fences: For durability and strength vinyl fencing has five times the strength of traditional wood and four times the flexibilty. In addition it is a very attractive material that reduces maintenance, eliminates painting, and is easy to clean and is environmentally friendly as it is nontoxic and 100% recyclable.
  • Aluminum Fences: Our highest quality aluminum fences come with weather resistant poly vinyl coating that can last up to 20 years. The primary benefit of aluminum is its life expectancy. Weather resistant and sturdy are just two of the qualities that make this type of ornamental fencing the right choice and it comes in several different styles:
    Spear – Scalloped, Straight, High, and Alternating
    Rail – 3 Rail Narrow, 2 Rail, Closed
  • Wrought Iron Fences: By using wrought iron fencing, guest, neighbors and even passer-bys are able to see through to your beautiful garden or hardscape.  This permits others to see your what you have done in your yard while enforcing your property line through subtle non-disruptive aesthetics.

Because your needs as a homeowner are unique to your particular circumstances, the type of fencing best suited depends on several factors:

  • Budget
  • Use of your yard
  • Pets
  • Privacy wanted

You can trust Cut-Rite for your next fencing project. Whether you’re looking for privacy, protection, or adding curb appeal, we have the materials and experience to ensure that your fence is done right the first time. We have basically any material you want to install that will create a beautiful fence that you will absolutely love. We guarantee you will be pleased with our selection of fence styles and our professional installation.



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